Saturday, 19 October 2013

Specialized Command Post Remote Lever

Having a lot of fun on Stumpy 2.0 (Stumpjumper Expert Evo), my first ride on it and the remote level for the Command Seat post came off, I managed to catch the spring as it got caught on my glove so I re assembled it although the lever did not work for the rest of the ride.

When I got home I checked and found that the pivot bolt was missing so off I go to find a replacement of which no one stocked. I turned to Google and I found the following post on Specialized Support forum:

############NOV 21, 2012 07:58AM PSTSPECIALIZED Agent
Spare parts such as these are only available through dealers. They must contact their service parts/warranty representative to get them. Currently we do have replacement levers and the pivot bolts available.

2012 or newer version part # is S2020401

2011 or older version part # is S116400008.

I wouldn't expect dealers to stock these bolts and have them in stock but we do have them available.

Kind regards,
I asked Evans Cycles to order one but they never called back. Returning to Google I found a technical bulletin from Specialized stating the following
In some instances, the pivot screw and bolt that secure the lever to the lock collar might come loose 
under regular use. 
To prevent loosening, remove the bolt and apply blue Loctite® 242 to its threads. Re-install and torque 
to 15 in-lbf (1.7 N*m).
This modification does not apply to the previous generation lever (shown below). It is not necessary to 
remove the lever from the grip and/or handlebars. 
So I asked Berkshire Bikes to order a replacement bolt as the bike was 6 weeks old. They called to say Specialized do not stock the bolt and I have to get a replacement lever for £25 which is not covered under warranty.
So I have a pivot bolt on a bike at that time was 5 days old which fell out, a technical report stating that the bolt is prone to fall out, presumably due to a design flaw and this is not covered under warranty. The lever they sent for my model bike was standard whereas the lever on the bike was part of the locking grips so I had to re arrange my setup to fit it in.
This may be an isolated incident but I expected better from Specialized.