Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Swinley after the rain

Headed over to the lookout yesterday and after all that heavy rain the trail was a bit soft although some berms took a bit of erosion.

The air was muggy, warm and damp. Not an asthmatics favourite type. The trails were quite busy considering but the ground was a little slimy, which is the only word I can think of to describe it.

It was a fun day although a berm collapsed on me just before the drop into the little valley with the concrete at the end (it's name escapes me). I could see it was damaged but it's a tight corner not much you can do is hope it will hold. It didn't and I slid out and pulled my left ankle quite hard.

I had nothing with me to repair it so I hobbled on. Untill I got to the gully and found my ankle was not up to the impact of landing.

A roadie did an impressive over the handle bar face plant off the first jump. I carried on but an air ambulance was called to the gully later. No idea if it was the same guy.

I got into labyrinth and was doing ok unroll a rooted decent and my ankle gave way so I managed to bash the exact same spot I hurt earlier. I am just that talented.

I progressed a bit to the smooth rolling jump section until I realised I had to call it a day as standing on it was not going so well.

Got home iced it up and seems a little bruised but I can walk on it quite easily. God only knows what I did to my ribs though....