Current Rigs

Current Rigs


Presently I can be seen bouncing around on one of the following:
**Yes, my bikes have names

Stumpy's Estranged Cousin

As I progressed as a rider I realized Stumpy's shock just did not have the travel I needed so I started looking for a DH rig. I settled on a Trek Session 8 2012 which took some time to get used to especially as it is twice the weight of Stumpy but this could handle anything thrown at it. Hit a 5ft drop with rider holding on tight going 'oh crap' and a bike responds with 'Did I miss Something?' Again such a beautiful bike to ride I can see why it is one of the most sought after.


Stumpy 2.0

It was time I accepted Stumpy was a little small for my legs and that there simply was not enough travel for what I wanted to do so after much perplexing I had to replace it with a new one! An aggressive XC was what I was looking for and the EVO range from Specialized got my attention and it just so happened there was a Stumpy version, Stumpy 2.0 was born....

Past Rigs :(

Stumpy's Friend

This was my first full suspension bike moving on from a rigid frame. This was an entry level bike to full suspension range although the bike was quite heavy it was a capable bike being able to handle a wide range of terrain.


Stumpy (Project Stumpy) 

This was may first attempt at building a bike from scratch and was completed late 2011. I purchased a frame, a Specialized S-Works StumpJumper from eBay (I Know) with crank and rear shock for about £340 and it grew from there. This is a super light bike and a joy to throw around on the trails and it can handle so well and flowing around berms, easy to see that its reputation is well deserved.