Saturday, 23 November 2013

A Cold Day at Swinley

A day off work and the sun was shining so on the train to the LookOut! The trails were practically empty and the only company I had was a squirrel which was clearly planning something. Blue trail was not too bad but did have some boggy sections, stumpy 2.0 was clean when I started after half the blue it was not quite as clean!

Still getting used to the bike but it is a solid, light and fast bike, managed to get my feet soaked so by this point my feet numb. A couple of plastic bags for my feet on the next run although a pair of dry socks did feel good when the feeling started to return.

After the day and with that most of the shrubs have gone you get a better view of the trail ahead

Definitely time to pack the lights, the forest gets dark quite early. Here is to the start of the winter riding!