Monday, 26 August 2013

Stumpy 2.0 First day out!

Finally managed to take Stumpy 2.0 out for a trail session, it has spent the first few days of its new home cycling to work pushing me to do something other than dodge the swans that are clearly planning something.

I was a bit uneasy about the pre set shock settings but I must admit the bike handled like a dream and I could not tell any difference between the carbon frame of the Stumpy Evo Expert and the aluminium frame of Stumpy Sworks 2006. 

The bike handled everything I threw at it and it just kept going. The pre tuned suspension  allowed me to quickly change depending on what was coming up, although a remote switch would have been useful. the bike can corner even at speed and the bike rolls really well. The gears seem mostly configured for climbing with the last 2 for descending but this bike is very good at going fast and you find yourself holding the bars tighter.

The seatpost kind of worked but the remote leaver sort of fell to pieces so I guess specialized still need to work on their command post.

Upgrading my Sworks Stumpy 2006 to the evo was a long and calculated decision but so glad I did, everyone needs a stumpy next to the downhill bike.

Specialized have always made the stumpys well, even if their saddles feel like sitting in a church pew!