Saturday, 15 June 2013

Early Start but a good 1 hour 45

My son woke me at 0530 and my brain automatically goes yey breakfast! regardless of the time. Sometimes tries to get breakfast twice, often successful too!

Granted I could have gone back to sleep but as I was eating my first breakfast I saw the sun was out, it was meant to rain later and like any other normal person the first thing that came into my mind was if I left now I could head to The LookOut (Swinley Forest) loop round both the Red and Blue trails and be home before my other half got out of bed.

So I ran around to pack by trail bag which remains mostly packed for just such an occasion. Got dressed and I was at the railway station by 0730 and looking at the entrance of the Blue trail by 0805.

There was not many people around at that time in the morning and it had rained in the night. One thing I had noticed was the amount of heavy breaking, in some places the trail had been damaged and there was no real reason to brake at all but still.

Here is a section of the Blue Route I had missed last time as the camera battery died.

Was a good run, had a lot fun.