Monday, 20 May 2013

Brake Pads!!

As this is not my first set of hydraulic stoppers I can say that servicing them is often one of main points when choosing which to buy. I started with the Avid juicy as a budget buy they did the job but when it came to changing the pads it was a nightmare especially as the pistons were consistently all over the place.

Now change to the Avid Elixir R which all in all is a really good break from stopping power to control which is interesting as the Improved Elixir 7 was bundled with issues from a control and feel point and there seemed to be a small brass band near the rotor. I have a set of those too so soon will find out how much fun they will be to bleed and if that fixes any of the annoying squeaks and the soft touch that seems to do nothing then all of a sudden kick in.

I have just had to change the pads on the elixir r and the swap over was really easy but the thoughts in my mind are that no matter how may different brakes I try or how easy the pads are to fit the rotor never seems to fit back in after no matter how much you reset the pistons as it states and it often results in having to release a bit of fluid to get the rotor to fits again.